Canada’s stadium-sized rock trio Typically the Tea Party have delivered from a decade-long zwischenzeit using a powerful musical assertion – an eighth facilities record called The Marine at the End. It looks an appropriate metaphor. In the event the path back coming from their acrimonious break-up inside 2005 was obviously a journey regarding self-discovery, then that part is at a finish. Typically the destination is this great musical ocean that shows up on The Tea Party’s new album: pure, essential and timeless rock audio. I spoke with singer and guitarist JEFF MATN regarding the band’s triumphant go back.

Greetings finding the method of discussing The Marine at the End together with music journalists?

“With Typically the Ocean at the Conclusion there’s a lot to be able to digest. You know any time a band knows their particular record inside and out there, and they start the interviews and it’s a similar answers [in every single interview]? Well I’m not necessarily at that point but, because I’m still seeking to figure it away myself. ”

When The particular Tea Party officially finished its hiatus with 2012’s Reformation Tour, was the particular plan to also launch a new record or even did you want in order to wait and evaluate the particular reaction from fans 1st?

It wasn’t about gauging the reaction of our own fans, it was more about gauging the reaction through ourselves. How did all of us feel? There were 3 stuff that we needed in order to prove. One was that will the band could proceed on stage and bought it again, and be 1 of the great rock and roll bands in the globe. We proved that, all of us proved that that can happen, and [we were] even much better than before we required our hiatus. The 2nd thing was can we discover the brotherly love that people once so passionately experienced for one another. Plus, without going into this, I needed to show to Stuart [Chatwood, bassist] and Shaun [Burrows, drummer] that I was as soon as again captain of the particular ship. They wanted me personally to prove that for them. If we were heading to go into a studio, We had to be that will captain. Once we had been all satisfied with that will, then it was like, ‘Yes, ok, if The Green tea Party is going in order to make a record after that we have to make a record that stands up to anything we’ve done in the past. That’s a big call. So the three of us decided to take our time, and not rush this. If we were going to put 11 songs on a record, then every single one of them had to be one of the greatest Tea Party songs.

I read that the band recorded the album in a Toronto studio across four different sessions over an 18-month period. Why did you break up the recording process in that way?

“It was to let the record organically take shape, then we could sit back and look at it and see how it was growing. And I really took my time with the lyrics because I wanted the words to paint those musical pictures properly and resonate with it all. The three of us are our own worst critics, there isn’t a music journalist out there that can be more critical than we are. When we say this is definitely one of the best things we’ve ever done, we mean it. ”

Sonically, what did you want to achieve with this record?

“I certainly wanted to get away from where Seven Circles ended up going, and even The Interzone Mantras. [Editing software] Pro Tools and all that stuff. That is not The Tea Party. The Tea Party is done on an old Neve [mixing] desk with Fairchild compressors, everything is analogue. And a big room so I can capture that beast called Jeff Burrows. So all of my mic’ing techniques and everything I’ve learned since the inception of The Tea Party, I recollected it all. I put it all on the particular table, so all the cards were dealt. ”

Did you take track ideas into the studio room or did you create las vegas dui attorney were in presently there?

“No, there were two composing sessions. One was within Byron Bay when i has been still living there. Another, which was the lengthier from the two, was within Windsor, our home city. Which was great due to the fact my mother was extremely ill at the period, so it was excellent to spend time ready. She passed away regarding a month ago. Yet it was ideal for all of us to be back exactly where it all started, plus we were writing because a band. It was not me coming to the particular band with an concept. It had been the three associated with us, facing one another, simply no gimmicks, just raw skill. ”