Roots review is owned, maintained, staffed, and loved, by the very people that work for a living and spend their hard earned cash supporting artists, events, dance, and drama, that fall under the genre of Roots. In short, fans, not paid media journalists write all the reviews that you read here. We are a completely non-profit entity, our only motive is sharing the passion we have for this genre.

As a group of friends who live in such diverse countries as Scotland, England, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain we will endeavour to bring you the very latest gig reports, which may well include your favourite band or solo artist on tour, as well as the most up to date gig dates available.

Whilst we will cover established artists in thenormal way. We firmly believe inthe importance of supporting up and coming, emerging talent, and to this end will be devoting as much space as is practicable to the same.
Below please read our mission statement:

“roots” – denoting or relating to something, especially music, from a particular ethnic or cultural origin” (The New Oxford Dictionary of English).

In Roots Review we celebrate music, drama and literature that have a strong local focus yet reach out to all of us wherever we are. We seek out the arts from a specific cultural context, which achieve universal expression. We write about creative expression particularly from the Celtic world but range far and wide. Join us in our adventure!

Coming soon:

  • Monica Queen Interview
  • Geoff Martyn Interview
  • Follow That Camel Interview
  • Eliza Carthy Interview
  • Alyth McCormack interview